tough love

This week’s focus is about doing what you need to do in order to achieve your goals that you've been avoiding – that last bad habit that you feel like you can’t quite kick but know is the obstacle holding you back from success.

Whether your goals are fitness-related or not, we all have that one puzzle piece that we just can’t bring ourselves to put into place, because it means doing something we have avoided for a long time for various reasons: it’s too hard, too uncomfortable, or would disrupt the status quo too much.

But it IS possible to do this despite all these reasons, and the only way to prove that to yourself is to try – for one week – to suck it up, put on your game face, and make the decision that THIS is the week you are going to stop smoking, quit raiding the candy dish, get up early to exercise, tell your partner you don’t want to share a late-night pizza, ask your neighbor to watch the kids while you go for a jog, and/or quit making excuses. It’s time to stop talking and actually DO that thing you know you should. Give yourself a 7-day timeline of excellent behavior, and you just may find that the thing you put off doing (or quitting) was not so hard after all. But you have to start somewhere, so make this week the time to begin. It may be hard, but you CAN do it.

Simply put, if you do not want your life to change, continue doing the same things you always do. But, if you DO want to see a difference in your body/life/finances/etc., the change must start with YOU. Let’s begin!