step aside

The dawn of a new year is the perfect time for taking a fresh look at your goals (fitness and otherwise) and your path toward achieving them. Since we often get in the way of our own efforts, try for a moment to pretend that your goals are not your own, but rather those of a friend, so you can think objectively without excuses or judgment. This is a time to look for opportunities for improvement, not time to beat yourself up for what you have or haven’t done. Take a step outside yourself and ask:

  1. How, if at all, has the goal changed? Does the same timeline exist?
  2. What behaviors/activities have made progress toward achieving it? What has been counter-productive?
  3. What needs to change in order to reach it? What needs to continue?
  4. Has the effort been consistent, or hit-and-miss? What can improve this?
  5. Who are allies who can help make this goal a reality? How is their help best enlisted?

These answers can be your roadmap for change, so write them down. If you cannot answer them, this may be the biggest roadblock in your way, and thus the best place to start, so call or email me and I'll be happy to help…