guide to goal setting: essential elements

With the New Year underway, now is a great time for reexamining present goals and setting new ones. By focusing on two essential elements – opportunity and confidence – this can be the year you exceed your own expectations and reach goals you never thought possible.

It is not enough to simply want to achieve a goal, we must create opportunities for that goal to be possible, and for failure to be impossible. For example, if your goal is to eat better and lose weight, you must fill your kitchen, purse, office drawers, car, etc. with lean, nutrient-rich foods that satisfy you, and avoid buying foods you know you should not eat. Simply put, if they are not available, you won’t eat the foods that undermine your goals. Make dates to exercise with people you know won’t accept excuses, and you have created the opportunity for consistency. Pay for fitness classes or personal training in advance, and you create the opportunity for a solid commitment to exercise.

Opportunity’s partner in goal achievement is confidence – create a mantra that declares you capable of achieving your goals, and you will fulfill them. No road to success is easy, and often those that are the most difficult lead to the most personal satisfaction. We all have voices in our heads that try to dissuade us from change and maintain the status quo. When things get tough, recite your mantra: “Though it may be difficult for me, I have the strength and resources to _______________. This is MY goal, and with hard work and determination, I WILL achieve it.”

Start now: the first 48 hours after setting a goal are essential. Take action immediately, even if it is a small step, and you will be on the road to success!