clean it up!

Ready to achieve your goals? It’s time to clean house in order to gain clarity and focus toward your goals, fitness or otherwise. For some of you this may literally mean cleaning your house (who can cook a healthy meal with dried food stuck to the stove and countertops?!), but for others it may be a little more metaphorical. Try a few of these examples on for size and see where you stand:

Clothing. Do you have a closet full of clothes that are unflattering, worn out, or simply make you feel bad? Stop saving them for when you have the body you want (let your end reward be a shopping trip instead) – time to give them away, throw them away, or use them for dusting rags! My friends and I have clothing/shoe swaps a couple times a year, and we are amazed at how everyone seems to find at least one thing that makes them feel great. And if you feel great, you’ll look great, and you’ll be more likely to go out and take that walk I’ve been hounding you about…

Kitchen. Time to take EVERYTHING out of your pantry cupboards, fridge and freezer and only allow re-entry to those items that earn their keep: nutrient-rich foods that take you one step closer to your fitness goals. Potato chips, ice cream bars and that last slice of cheesecake are not allowed! If you are going to cheat with these foods on your approved “cheat” day, you must leave the house in order to indulge – your kitchen is a sanctuary of healthy fuel and positive reinforcement, not an area that welcomes nutritional land mines! If you have a partner or roommate that will die without these items, ask them to enjoy them outside the home, or designate a shelf or drawer that is OFF LIMITS TO YOU where they can keep their stash.

Bedroom. Your body cannot work efficiently without sufficient rest, so time to change the bedding, flip the mattress, and clear out clutter that interferes with your relaxation. Ideally the only items in your bedroom should be those associated with sleep, romance, or getting dressed, but if you do need to store other items in your resting place, keep them out of sight. Closets should have working doors, desktops should be clear, and hampers should have lids.

Mind. This is the most important place of all – time to throw out all those old excuses, complaints, and fears and welcome your new, positive, pro-active attitude. Write them down if you have to: “I can’t work out because…” “I’ll never have the body I want because…” “It’s easier for _______ to lose weight than me because…” and then BURN YOUR LIST OF EXCUSES. You can’t change your body without changing your mind, so get to it!

This week is no talk and all ACTION. You have 48 hours to begin this process – what are you waiting for?